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What is TitleBar?
TitleBar is a custom and highly customizable titlebar for .Net Windows Forms applications. Using TitleBar, you can give your application a special and unique look without much effort.

Many features, including:
  • Working close and minimize buttons.
  • Dragging the control means moving the form.
  • Set all colors used by the control: background colors, border color and text color.
  • Set the font of the title text.
  • Set the images used for the close and minimize button.
  • Set the gradient mode used to paint the background.
  • Enable or disable rounded corners at the top of your form, and set the size of those.
  • Show or hide borders, and seperately choose if you want TitleBar to paint borders on your form as well.
  • Take Text, Icon and ShowIcon properties values directly from your form.
  • Change all this in runtime, to create a skinnable app.
  • And more.

Future versions might add:
  • Reflection option
  • Change text position
  • Change buttons positions

Known bugs (will be fixed in the next release):
  • Docks wrong
  • Doesn't correctly paint borders on form when property is set in designer mode

If you want to see a demo before deciding if TitleBar should be added to your project, you can download the demo app at the Releases tab.

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